Why CityMax Realty?

We are a boutique real estate firm with deep roots in the Midtown Atlanta community. Yet we are more than just a real estate company. We are world travelers, pet parents, foodies, designers, psychology majors, and above all, human. We continuously research, design, build, and test ways to change our business. At the heart of everything we do is an unrelenting drive to create a better customer experience. It’s the reason we wake up every morning, and is why we thrive in a competitive industry. Spark your curiosity? Join the family.

Make CityMax Your Family

Are you developing a career in Real Estate? Join the dynamic CityMax Realty family and see what our small Atlanta-based brokerage can do for your future in Real Estate. We’ve done the groundwork for you, we’ve become the experts in our area, we’ve established our niche in the market and we’ve invested years of our time getting in position. Getting ready for what’s to come. Join the CityMax expansion and make our journey a part of yours.