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If you're ready to sell, or just looking for all the right answers, our Atlanta based realtors will guide you with data that's specific to your location.

We understand that Real Estate can seem like a complicated process. For that reason, it is our mission at CityMax Realty to make selling your home a smooth and easy process. To ensure this, we offer a concierge level of service and give you full access to our home selling guide, that will give you all the information related to our realty team, our professional experience, and all the essential materials you need so you can confidently sell your property with us in Atlanta.


Finding an Agent

Select an experienced agent, who is a local community expert that you feel confident can negotiate on your behalf. We hope you choose CityMax Realty.


Make Repairs

Complete all necessary repairs that will be flagged in an inspection report.


Preparing Your Home

First impressions are important. Your home should be clean and presentable. Cosmetic changes such as painting can also help fetch a higher price.


Listing Your Home

Your agent will market your home to potential buyers, who will tour your home with their agents. Holding an open house will give your home more exposure.



Interested buyers will submit an offer, which you can choose to accept. Otherwise, with the help of your agent you will negotiate on price, closing costs, and special stipulations.


Under Contract

Once both parties reach an agreement, the contract is signed and becomes legally binding.


Due Diligence

The buyer has a time period (typically ten days) where they can terminate a contract for any reason.



An inspection is scheduled by the buyer to look for any defects found on the property. A buyer can ask for repairs to be completed before closing or monetary compensation.



An appraisal is scheduled by the buyer's lender, and will access the value of the property. If it does not appraise, the buyer has the right to terminate the contract.



Congratulations, you have successfully sold your home.


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